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The Career that Evolves with you.

A career in Somatic Personal Resonance starts with you! The education begins with developing your Somatic Personal Resonance because you are the attunement instrument. You are the instrument of change!


Has your personal journey brought you to a place where you are interested in deepening your understanding of the mind-body connection, and using it to help others transform their lives?

We get it. After all, that’s why we’re here, and why we have created this Practitioner Training Program. 

We are excited to help you integrate your interests, skills, and strengths into an incredibly rewarding career. Our training curriculum is designed to support your professional and personal growth through SPRE.

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What differentiates SPRE from other somatic training?

SPRE is on the cutting edge of what is available in the growing field of Somatic work. It is an integrative and innovative somatic bodywork process. SPRE works to resolve unnecessary tension patterns in order to increase stability and efficiency of movement. We change structure by actually working with fascia and using attuned dialogue to guide a collaborative discovery of the client’s personal experience.

By the time you receive your certification: 

You will be able to see and change structure.

You will learn a body-centered approach to understanding patterns and how new options can be created for everyday living. 

You will be able to cooperatively steward the process so that together with your clients, you can interpret how someone’s body tells their story.

You will be able to pace structural changes with personal changes over time in a client’s process.

You will be able to help your client become response-able, able to respond effectively to their own in-formation by understanding their body’s unique communication. This builds effectiveness—personally, professionally, and relationally.

You may be able to leverage your previous relevant experience to begin building your private practice before you have completed all of the Certification requirements.


Practitioner Testimonials


"I learned so much, more than I ever even knew I could when we started the training. I got more than I paid for, more than I bargained for, more than I ever imagined."


How do you know if SPRE is right for you?

Obtaining your SPRE certification gives practitioners the ability to do therapeutic work that includes touch and dialogue without requiring additional licensing. This certification is all you need to build a practice as a full-time, stand-alone career path that can also complement other modalities.

You may choose to learn and practice this unique method because:

You are interested in understanding YOUR personal mind/body connection through your own lens and are in helping others to understand their unique connection and lens

You understand that significant personal change must include the body because you live in it

You are curious about tensegral anatomy, movement, personal exploration, attunement, and somatic exploration

You would like to add a somatic component to your therapeutic practice

You are Interested in growing professionally and personally in a field that is experiencing global growth and recognition.

You want to coalesce your personal journey of self-discovery into a career that would support others on their journey.

You understand that because each of us is unique, there is no agreed upon reference map for how to interpret each individual’s somatic experiences

You are interested in developing your intuition and other senses to better attune with another person and understand that communication involves more than spoken language

You are aligned with our active effort to include and serve a diverse population.

If any or all of these descriptions sound like you, we encourage you to take a deeper look.
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Our next 18-month program is starting in Fall 2025 at Studio Evolve in Seattle, WA.


Trainees often come from a background in movement, bodywork, or therapy, but there is no specific experience required to start training with us. As you do your own sessions and commit to your own process, you will build a new foundation of understanding about the way all the body’s systems function as an expression of a person’s life. 

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“There is an emphasis on becoming aware of your own filter, meaning how your life experience affects how you see and understand the world and therefore, how you work with clients.”

SPRE Founder Jill Ableson





$2,400 deposit and 18 payments of $800/month. Discount of $400 if you pay in full at the start of the program.


624 Hours

504 hours: Theory, practice and classroom time. 120 hours:

Individual sessions, independent study, other program requirements.


Small Class Size

Each training has a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 participants, to ensure personal attention.

Click to Download the Complete Catalog.
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I'm interested in becoming certified

Apply For Certification

Are you ready to help yourself and others discover a more nuanced and transformative approach to the mind-body adventure?


The first step is to book a session and have your own experience of the work.

Learn More about Certification

Thank you! We generally reply within 24 hours; please check your spam filter if you have not received a response.


Even More Details

Practitioner benefits include: 

  • Professional listing on the SPRE website

  • Continuing education opportunities

  • Career and marketing strategies and support in how to build a private practice

  • A multi-faceted and supportive community

  • Comprehensive liability insurance available through the Energy Medicine Professional Association (EMPA)

  • Opportunities for growth within the Center for Somatic Personal Resonance: as a SPRe Instructor; leading Workshops/Continuing Education/outreach; positions within the vocational program

  • Cross-pollination with our network of other modalities


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