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Body Wisdom Heals

Get unstuck and restore your organic movement potential.

Tension is not inherently positive or negative.


  • There is healthy tension that enables us to stand up and move with ease.

  • Unhealthy tension is caused by unnecessary stress patterns that arise due to trauma, habits and other life experiences.


This kind of tension degrades one’s energy, wellness and creativity until eventually we feel stuck in a cycle of increasing discomfort and decreasing mobility. 


SPRE Bodywork liberates you from this situation by understanding how your personal narrative contributes to the unnecessary tension and working directly on your connective tissue to restore your organic movement potential.

The foundation of this work is understanding how all the body’s systems function as an expression of a person’s life.

Your practitioner is trained to listen with their hands as your body communicates what has transpired in your life. You don’t have to struggle to find the words to share your history. Through attuned bodywork and exploratory dialogue, you’ll work together to resolve unhealthy tension and create more freedom in your body and mind.

SPRE builds a stable body structure, but it’s more than structural bodywork.

In every session, SPRE utilizes structural principles known as human tensegrity. We have deep regard for our client’s stability as we work through physical changes to grow toward greater structural balance. SPRE uses a variety of techniques to help you feel more comfortable within your body, and to use it more efficiently.

Changing a person’s structure can have a profound impact on their whole life. SPRE practitioners pace the work to integrate it safely within their client’s ability and somatic tolerance. We call this Somatic Stewardship.


Tensegrity (n.)

A term coined by legendary architect R. Buckminster Fuller combining the words ‘tension’ and ‘integrity’ to describe the optimal balance achieved by correct tension between parts of a structure.

SPRE is trauma informed, not trauma focused.

Trauma doesn’t want to be targeted. The necessary defense mechanisms we create must be respected before we engage with them. 

Our goal is to build a person’s structure, footing and preparedness to assist in addressing the trauma when ready. When we are able to distinguish our traumas from our identity, they can be metabolized into personal wisdom.

This isn’t a treatment program, but a cooperative exploration where you are empowered to recognize how your tension patterns shift with activities or life experiences.

Blue Skies

Client Testimonials


“It affirmed that there is not something wrong with me just because I carry a certain amount of tension. SPRE let me understand the purpose of my tension, and have a new response to what causes it.”


Your body is speaking when: 

  • Your digestive issues flare up and it isn’t something you ate

  • Your back hurts during a time of stress

  • Your anticipation of certain people or events triggers a headache or another painful physical response

  • You experience discomfort in your body most of the time, with no medical explanation

  • You feel depressed or anxious and your talk therapy isn’t providing the relief from your physical symptoms you are needing

  • Your physical discomfort gets better or worse in tandem with your level of stress

  • And so much more…


What you can expect in your session.

Your 60-minute session in a private room. It will include seated dialogue as well as bodywork on a comfortable massage table with extra padding.

Exploratory conversation between you and your SPRE practitioner will inform the attuned bodywork by uncovering the links between physical tension, life patterns and possible belief systems. 

Remember to wear comfortable clothing, because you’ll remain fully clothed during the bodywork.

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“Medical thinking usually sees stress as a highly disturbing, but isolated events. Such as, for example, sudden unemployment, a marriage breakup or death of a loved one. These major events are potent sources of stress for many, but there are chronic daily stresses in people’s lives that are more insidious and more harmful in their long-term biological consequences. Internally generated stresses take their toll without in any way seeming out of the ordinary.”


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