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Martine Dedek

SPRE Founder, SPRE Practitioner, SPRE Trainer


Martine finds that working with SPRE® clients offers limitless opportunities and potential for change. One of her favorite parts of her practice is working with the nervous system, especially the nervous ones! She finds the non-verbal and energetic attunment of SPRE® to be soothing to her clients, and allows her to stay connected and grounded within herself as the Practitioner. She finds that being with clients requires an honesty, an actual “being with” her client and all the life they’ve brought in to their session, that she values.

A traditional Western educational background and a search for something that truly resonated with her led to the development of SPRE® and a growing practice of studying and including other modalities and ways of working. She draws on the wisdom of many traditions in her practice, as well as the wisdom inherent in her client’s bodies. She strives to create a multi-dimensional way of working with her clients.

Along her journey, Martine partnered with Jill Ableson for the development of the SPRE® Practitioner Training Program. Together they have brought the work to its current evolution as a licensed Somatic Education Training Program and approved WA State Vocational Training Program.

Working with Martine is both grounding and exciting. She enjoys the practice of energetically, verbally and somatically attuning with and guiding clients. Her use of SPRE® bodywork, as well as her curiosity and engagement leads to delightful moments of clarity and greater physical comfort for her clients.

Martine feels an essential component to building a strong partnership with her client is a foundation of trust, openness and curiosity. This allows for the safe and supportive exploration of whatever difficult, confusing or conflicting emotional and somatic experiences arise in the journey they take together.

Education & Training:

Queen’s University, BA Honors, Psychology & Sociology 1995

Stott Pilates Certification 2001

Yamuna Body Rolling Certification 2002

Duggan French Approach Certification 2003

Founded Studio Evolve, Pilates, Gyrotonic & Bodywork 2006

Advanced Myofascial Techniques, Til Luchau 2008-9

Anatomy Trains Workshop 2009

Advanced Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Continuing Education Certification 2010-12

Gyrotonic Expansion System Instructor Certification 2011

Co-created SPRe Practitioner Training Curriculum with Jill Ableson 2011-2013

Qi Gong for Movement Professionals 2016

Reiki Level 1 2019

Intuitive Development & Subtle Energy Healing Courses, One Illuminated 2020 - current

Martine is currently accepting new clients for in person sessions in her SPRE® Practice. She also co-teaches the SPRE® Training Program and owns Studio Evolve, Pilates, Gyrotonic & Bodywork, the current home for SPRE®. Ready to take the first step?


Contact Martine to schedule a first session or book a discovery call to see if the work is a fit for you. Martine looks forward to hearing from you.

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