Your Body Is Communicating…

Understanding these messages is empowering!

Your body records your unique life.

Your body records your unique life.

Our unique lives and challenges change healthy tension into a collective of unnecessary tension that is often experienced as pain and can become stress related diseases. SPRe invites you to bring your stress-related symptoms to us as a starting point for our work together.


It begins with a conversation 

Who benefits from SPRe?

If you notice your physical symptoms worsen during times of stress.

You want to utilize better body mechanics to decrease daily pain.

Anyone who wants a more effective way of moving and interacting in the world.


Curious about the benefits?


Meet Your Team

We bring curiosity, humor, empathy and knowledge to your unique process.

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Having my system and tension patterns physically met and supported by my practitioner, I was leaving each of my sessions more aware of and comfortable in my body.
— SPRe Client