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Eric Isaac

SPRE Practitioner, Founder of Somatic Sound Resonance


Eric Isaac came to SPRE as a singing bowl/Sound practitioner.  He tuned into the healing properties of sound in early childhood. 


“It was the only way I found calm in my chaotic upbringing,” says Eric. “Sound was the language I didn’t have for my life experiences.”


Years later, Eric discovered singing bowls, and learned to use them as a tool to represent his inner sonic landscape and explore sound resonance in the world.


Eric is an enrolled member of the Yakama nation and he studied industrial design at the University of Washington, both parts of his journey that continue to influence how he relates to sound.


More recently, Eric studied and became certified in Somatic Personal Resonance Bodywork (SPRE) with Martine Dedek and Jill Ableson. SPRE gave Eric new language and tools for the somatic throughlines he had already begun to find in his personal sound healing practice, and he soon began to experiment with adding singing bowl work to his SPRE sessions.


This led to the development of Somatic Sound Resonance, a unique and powerful modality that is now Eric’s specialty.


In a Somatic Sound Resonance private session, Eric places singing bowls directly on the body and uses them to listen to his client’s nervous system and release unwanted tension patterns. Eric enjoys working with highly sensitive individuals combining sound and touch to help people discover their patterns and build resilience for life.

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