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Zev Noah Sar

SPRE Practitioner

Image of Zev

Zev’s life has felt like an endless search for ways to cope with pain. At 14 years old his back began to hurt so much it was difficult for him to walk. That was the year he started seeing a chiropractor 3 times a week. Zev continued seeing chiropractors for the next 15 years. During that time he delved deep into yoga and mindfulness to try to better understand his constant, chronic pain. He sought out multiple kinds of physical therapy, massage therapy, talk therapy, and acupuncture. He got surgery, he sat with shamans, he tried everything he could get his hands on. Much of it helped, some of it didn’t, but none of it ever got to the heart of the problem. 


Somatic Personal Resonance changed that. First as a client, then a student, of SPRe, Zev discovered the reason none of these other healing modalities could find the root of his pain: they all separate the body and the mind. SPRe teaches that our bodies are actually the expression of our deepest thoughts, feelings, and desires. Our physical body is a reflection and manifestation of our Emotional Self.


This understanding changed Zev’s life. By exploring his physical pain through the lens of emotional anatomy, Zev was finally able to recognize the true roots of his pain. Not a slipped disc or a pinched nerve, but the profound lack of emotional support and nurturance in his early life. With his new understanding of himself and his pain, Zev wants to help other people understand and connect with their true selves, both physically and emotionally. 


If you are tired of being in pain. If you feel like you’ve tried everything only to be let down over and over again, Somatic Personal Resonance could be what you’ve been looking for. Through a combination of emotionally attuned conversation and bodywork we can find our way through the noise and pain to the truth, and freedom, of who you really are. Zev's practice is at Studio Evolve in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, WA.

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