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Victoria Vinson-Jacobs

SPRE Practitioner


Victoria is a certified SPRe Somatic Educator and Bodyworker as well as a certified GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS trainer. She has been teaching embodied practices in New York and Seattle since 2004, including contemporary and classical dance, improvisation, somatic writing and artmaking.

Victoria’s work begins with anatomy understood as an interconnected fascial system where all the parts affect one another. From there she layers how emotional and historical patterns also shape our moving, feeling bodies. She will work with you to create language that accurately expresses your own body’s sensations/emotions. This process can help you make more sense to yourself and feel equipped to speak and act on your needs, wants and desires. The bodywork is our way of attuning to the sensations of your tissue, as well as updating your structure to match your emotional understanding. SPRe Somatic Education and Bodywork creates dynamic and lasting shifts in the way you move and interact in the world.

There is nothing she loves more than coming to understand your story as your body speaks. She approaches each client with gentle, abundant curiosity about how your body is communicating your history, your feelings, your ambitions, and your blocks. Structural anatomy is the blueprint for all of our work, whether it's movement-based rehabilitation, or emotionally intelligent bodywork. She is always working with all the parts of you.

“I believe that movement is life, and where there is flow there is pulsation, abundance, creativity and growth. Where there is tension or a lack of movement, there is information about our experience. “

Contact Victoria to schedule a first session or book a discovery call to see if the work is a fit for you.

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