“The body is psychology animated.” – J.A.

Somatic Personal Resonance Education was created to bridge the gap between cognition and sensation for true Bodymind relief. People choose SPRe® when something feels ‘stuck’ in their bodies and/or in their lives, they are often at a crossroads and recognize a need for change.

Stress is a generic word to describe a very personal experience that affects everyBody differently. SPRe® helps to interpret how your body communicates, Ex. Chronic pain(head, neck, back), anxiety, digestive issues, sometimes just an over all malaise-a discomfort that doesn’t have a clear explanation.

Your body can’t text or email you, but it does
communicate frequently.


You are invited to bring your stress related symptoms as a starting point for our work together. The desire to seek support can be challenging and often difficult to put into words, however your  body is already communicating.  When cognition/mind and body/sensation match, the course for authentic living is possible.


“SPRe® has helped me to feel the difference between my authentic movement and movement that is a compensation for something that’s not moving.  As a Dancer, I was required to make a show of movement but my internal structure was held captive. My real range of motion expressed my life up to that point…where I was stuck, what I didn’t know, and what I needed to move into what is becoming my real life. ”

SPRe® (Somatic Personal Resonance Education) helps you to interpret, understand and take effective action on your own behalf. Understanding your body’s communications is empowering. Through dialogue and attuned bodywork you and your SPRe® practitioner decipher your BodyMind connection.



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