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“It is such a gift to enter a session with the opportunity to describe the pain, both emotional and physical, to have that pain be supported and moved with for the hour AND leave with less pain, both emotional and physical AND more understanding.” B.B. – advocate, writer, age 62


“Seven years ago I celebrated my 60th birthday. It was joyous celebration with family and friends, some visiting from across the country. We celebrated outside on a warm clear August evening. I felt renewed and had the very strong sensation of entering a new and important phase of my life. I thought of it as the adolescent of my old age. Like an adolescent I felt potential, confusion and excitement about my future, but unlike an adolescent I had a sense of my limited time, and even more importantly life experiences and knowledge to help launch a new exploration of the life remaining to me. Up to this point I had lived through my intellect, feeling often like my head and brain rested and moved through the world on a body I had no real connection to. I wanted that to change, but wasn’t sure how. Enter SPRe®, with it’s focus on building a physical and emotional bridge between my constantly communicating body, my feelings and my brain. I learned, and experienced through the bodywork, that my body holds my history and as I learn to listen more intently and clearly I found an easier and more comfortable connection with my body and a deeper understanding of the effects of my personal history. I have gained a tangible personal strength through my SPRe® work. This strength allows me to experience real bravery, which is the gift of SPRe® that I carry as I move through my life.” Lynn F. 67 years old


“As a child, the Christian Science religion taught me that we are made in the image of God; that all illness, injury, and even aging, is merely the result of incorrect thought and can be fixed by prayer; and that the body is decidedly separate from, and controlled by, the mind. My parents taught me that the needs, reactions, and responses of my body and mind should be ignored, repressed, and regarded as shameful. I brought these two intertwined belief systems to Jill in the shape of the personal and emotional issues that were blocking me from achieving the life I wanted and a chronic illness called Rheumatoid Arthritis that had twisted and hardened my body. Like a gardener removes a vine that is choking a plant, Jill helped me unwind the damage that my upbringing and these systems did to my physical and emotional structures and allowed me to live and breathe freely. She showed me that my body and mind are one entity and helped me dissipate the shame with which I regarded my physical and personal needs. She has helped me deal with my RA and kept my body mobile, strong, and capable of supporting the full, rewarding, and heartfelt life that I was able to create through my work with SPRe®.” Joy W, 43, Writer/Caregiver Advocate


“I came to SPRe® as a Gyrotonic instructor already aware of the mind/body relationship but wanted to deepen my work with clients and to better understand myself. Even though I’m a professional movement person, I learned adaptations on top of my natural way of moving. SPRe® has helped me to feel the difference between my authentic movement and movement that is a compensation for something that’s not moving. As a Dancer, I was required to make a show of movement but my internal structure was held captive. My real range of motion expressed my life up to that point…where I was stuck, what I didn’t know, and what I needed to move into what is becoming my real life.” Andrea B., 36, Gyrotonic Instructor/Choreographer


“SPRe® helped me see through a window I had not known existed. I now have opportunities in my life that were unavailable to me before.” Mike, Non-Profit Organizer


“I have tension in my neck and shoulders and sometimes it develops into a headache. I found SPRe® when I was getting these tension headaches almost daily. I was sure it was caused by the lighting, new carpets or commute to my new job. Working with my SPRe® practitioner, I was able to notice that my headaches got worse in certain situations and was rooted in my personal history. Now, the tension usually doesn’t need to develop into a headache in order for me to understand there is something I need to attend to.” Business Owner


After completing 400 hours of training over a two-year period I find myself, both professionally and personally, with a deeper and more profound respect for the intertwined systemic nature of the body and the mind. The instructors, Jill Ableson and Martine Dedek brought their years of professional experience, education, along with their innate patients and humanity to a training experience that was transformative. Together they created a learning environment that was safe and nurturing, allowing each of us to fully participate."

We learned about the physiology and structure of the body, how it holds patterns and tensions, how these are created by life experiences. We learned how the body holds our history and provides an enhanced ability to function more fully in life.

I am proud to be a SPRe practioner, working with clients and helping bring this new way of looking at bodies into one practice modality."

"After having completed the SPRe training, I am now able to look at bodies with a deeper understanding. It has helped me sense the next layer of potential and what is waiting to be uncovered within my client. The education gave legitimacy and a language to the abilities I have always had. Gyrotonic and Cornish dance training had more of a 'fix it' mentality in how it approaches anatomy and kinesiology. SPRe training isn't about what needs to be fixed; it is about working with the person not on them."
Andrea B., Gyrotonic Instructor/Choreographer