Victoria Vinson-Jacobs

SPRe Practitioner

Victoria believes that each of us can get to know our own body's language in a way that makes life richer and more enjoyable. Her SPRe practice combines functional, structural anatomy with a deep curiosity about who each person is as an individual. She loves to work with clients who want to better understand themselves as they inhabit their bodies, and to help each person make more sense to themselves. She has been teaching movement arts and somatic practices since 2004 in New York and Seattle.

Victoria comes from the cognitive culture of formal education and although the mythology is that should prepare one for life, it was apparent to Victoria that without the wisdom of her body, she wasn't going anywhere. Victoria explored Dance technique professionally and internationally, and she found that the movement world can be as isolating as the cognitive world. In her pursuit of integration of mind and body, she found Somatic Personal Resonance, SPRe. The practice of SPRe helped her interpret her body's wisdom, which supports the satisfaction of intellectual achievement. Each day is a new experience of integration and in 2018 Victoria completed the two-year SPRe Practitioner Training Program. She brings emotional embodiment, humor, warmth and voracious curiosity to her SPRe practice. She also sees private Gyrotonic clients at Studio Evolve.


Victoria has a private practice at Studio Evolve, Seattle, WA

Please call Victoria at: 757.777.7455 , or email with the form below:


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