Sara Beth Lohre

Apprentice SPRe Practitioner

sara beth.jpeg

Sara Beth Lohre is a trained psychologist, psychotherapist, and senior faculty in psychology and health counseling at a local university. Her personal health journey led her to Studio Evolve where she has been a Gyrotonic and SPRe Bodywork client, in an effort to develop more clarity around the messages she has been receiving from her body for years—not addressed in psychotherapy, physical therapy, exercise training, or medical practice.

Through her own training as a SPRe practitioner and experience as a private SPRe practitioner at Studio Evolve, she is interested in helping clients to claim body awareness and honor the body’s insights into how stress influences our behavior toward a more grounded, congruent relational life.

Sara Beth’s post-doctoral studies have been focused on ways in which somatic practices inform body-awareness to improve the relational lives of people on the autism spectrum, including Sara Beth. She has High-Functioning Autism (HFA/Aspergers), has worked with people on the spectrum for many years, and teaches people who love, advocate for, and work with those with ASD. She believes that SPRe Bodywork is an excellent resource for people with ASD, especially adults.

Sara Beth has a private practice at Studio Evolve, Seattle, WA.

Call Sara Beth at: 206.953.8210, or email with the form below:


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