This is my father and me, in May of 2016. Two days after this picture, he will die, after 15 years with dementia, during which I was his caregiver/business manager.

Five days after this picture, I will leave a bad marriage.

In August of 2016, I will begin sharing a house with some old friends because my RA is bad enough that I can't live on my own.

In September of 2016, I will begin my SPRe training - with grief and trepidation - because I'm not sure I will physically be able to manage the training itself, let alone be able to perform the bodywork.

And then, everything changes.

Years of SPRe; and gyro; and yoga; and the super-intense, life-changing, learning-processing-intimacy-community SPRe training; and my own grit and determination to change, led to....

the ability to live on my own, perform the physical work of SPRe, continue to do gyro and yoga, intimacy with my community, and an amazing relationship. transformable, to the person you see here.

Joy Walker is a SPRe® Practitioner at Studio Evolve. She believes that understanding the importance of pursuing the health and recovery of mind and body, and that we are all dynamic and multifaceted individuals, is what makes her uniquely qualified to help clients in their journey of health and self-discovery.

 If you’d like to schedule an appointment with Joy, please go to our Practitioner page.

Joy Walker