Standing Up.

A Letter from SPRe Practitioner Joy:

What my body did...when I stood up:

What my body did...when I stood up:

There are so many different ways we talk about pursuing mind/body integration. I’m finding my greatest success has been to try to match mind/cognitive - what I think - with body/sensation - what I feel. I have several methods that help me weave mind and body together. In one of my three regular practices, yoga with Lauren, I had a recent discovery!

At the moment I stood up, an emotional body within my body inflated, like one of those
mouse-ear balloons-within-a-balloon at Disneyland.

It took a year of weekly private yoga sessions to establish the foundation that led to this transformational session. With Lauren positioned behind me for support, we stood up together from a bench - verrry slowly. This may not seem like a remarkable feat, but having to hobble myself around, dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis, this felt like a miracle. I struggled to use only the leg muscles designed for the purpose, meaning no help from all the compensations formed by the RA. Lauren helped me occupy what should be happening in my body, not what had to happen.

It is both a tiny - and yet momentous - thing to do, to get to my feet in the way my body was meant to after 27 years of RA changing everything. Sometimes I don't even realize the impact RA has really had; Lauren helps me find pathways that defy the RA, and honor my original, authentic movement potential.

Coming to under-standing - literally having my legs properly under my body - was a huge change; one that happened with Lauren. Attunement, an empathic connection that includes current issues while holding personal potential, allowed me to take a substantial new step, as it were.

I noticed later that something else had happened. At the moment I stood up, an emotional body within my body inflated, like one of those mouse-ear balloon-within-a-balloons at Disneyland. I felt like I had found myself, that I was more of myself. I felt as if I had more internal structure to support me - emotional tensegrity within physical tensegrity - as I moved out into the world. Which is what I want more than anything – to move out into the world.

And that’s what my body gifted me….the me I found inside me stood up, too.

Joy Walker is a SPRe® Practitioner at Studio Evolve. She believes that understanding the importance of pursuing the health and recovery of mind and body, and that we are all dynamic and multifaceted individuals, is what makes her uniquely qualified to help clients in their journey of health and self-discovery.

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