My First Gyro Date

 A Letter from SPRe Practitioner Joy:

What my body did...when asked to move in gyro:

It got pissed! I’m not kidding; I felt the mad rising up through my body. It had actually been a pretty standard Gyro ask - to stretch in more than two directions at once – yet I just felt furious.

Because I was raised to be nice and not express my feelings, and especially to not “take up space”. It was all I could do not to tell my Gyro instructor Andrea to f*@# right off! 

I noticed that it happened again, though. And then it happened in a yoga session, and it finally occurred to me to ask my body…why?

Immediately, I got a message back.

A very old, almost panicky, feeling that - as a child - I was required by my parents to do something inappropriate for my age, and therefore overwhelming.

I had to learn that it’s ok to be expansive, to take up more space

Gyro and yoga are helping me be as dynamic as I’m capable of being, in the present moment and my present body. Yet my body still remembers the feelings of fear from the past.

These are opportunities to reassess those feelings, instead of just being stuck.

If I wasn’t willing to feel into the discomfort and look at what it was saying, I wouldn’t be able to reassess the past experience from the present potential...and I could just tell Andrea to f*@# off.

If I hadn’t done SPRe, I would have missed the opportunity to truly experience my body, and the historical - but very present - emotions it was experiencing in the moment.

I wonder how many of us quit movement programs because room for feelings, and this potential for understanding, isn’t built into the session, or our relationship with the trainer?

And that’s what my body did when asked to move in gyro: it had a feeling. That feeling sent me back, so I could go forward, even more fully informed about myself. And you know what they say, knowledge (about yourself!) is power!


Joy Walker is a SPRe® Practitioner at Studio Evolve. She believes that understanding the importance of pursuing the health and recovery of mind and body, and that we are all dynamic and multifaceted individuals, is what makes her uniquely qualified to help clients in their journey of health and self-discovery. 


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