What Metrics Matter in a Data-Hungry Culture

We’re all wearing the Fitbit these days, which is registering our pulse, # of steps walked, sleep patterns, and other personal metrics involved in our fitness and biological wellness. It may be giving you helpful information about yourself, but is it really giving you all of the information to tell you WHY your body is feeling what it’s feeling? What if your needs extend past sleep and cardio.

More data is not always BETTER data

If only fit bit had a sensor for toxic people and their effects on you; effects that change the conditions of your muscles, blood pressure and sleep patterns.

It isn’t going to tell you that your neck is so tense because you’re tightening your jaw in order to resist saying the potentially-charged, raw things you might want to say to your boss, or significant other

Your SPRe practitioner can help you discern the information your body possesses and is communicating, in ways the Fitbit data alone won’t; in-formation from yourself, to yourself, about yourself.

How SPRe works:

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  • z

Translating the raw, feeling data to help you take the effective action that will be relieving to your body, help you become the interpreter of your body’s communication, and allows you to move forward.