Somatic Personal Resonance Education Practitioner Training

An Invitation

We are interested in working with professionals in both the talk therapy field and movement/bodywork.

For talk-centered therapists: SPRe® can help you to understand your client’s somatic symptoms and how they may reflect a life pattern. In addition, SPRe® supports gaining greater access to the important information that your body provides you during a session.

For body-centered practitioners: Yoga; Gyrotonic; Rolfers; Pilates; LMT, PT; etc.  You are already immersed in the relationship between a person’s history and their body. SPRe® is an adjunct career that may help you broaden the scope of your work and increase your retention of clients.


SPRe® Training Overview 

SPRe® Bodywork training is a unique personal and professional experience. The training is comprised of three or four-day intensives over the course of two school years and totals over 600 hours. These hours include 480 hours of theory and practice/classroom tome, 50 hours of practice and at least 80 hours of individual SPRe® sessions. A training shall have a maximum of 12 participants. In addition to class time, there are readings, written homework assignments, practice sessions with clients and case consult time. At the completion of the two years, there is a comprehensive final exam and certification as a SPRe® Practitioner.

SPRe® training recognizes the body as both a time capsule and a constantly reporting system. Understanding how all the body systems function as an expression of a person’s life is part of the foundation of this work.

Somatic Personal Resonance includes: How to see a person’s structure for its relationship with balance and movement and how the person’s history is represented from internalized organization to externalized presentation.

There is an emphasis on becoming aware of your own filter, meaning how your life experience affects how you see and understand the world and therefore, how you work with clients.

Although the curriculum and its educational requirements create the framework of the training, each person’s individual process is supported throughout as well as the group dynamic. The agreement is that everyone participates fully in their own process as well as maintaining the safety of the group process. The stamina to be fully present with clients is developed as participants cultivate their abilities as practitioners.



SPRe® Practitioner Training includes instruction in:

  • Structural anatomy through the principles of a human tensegrity system
  • Somatic Resonance techniques
  • Verbal Attunement techniques
  • Identifying structural patterns in self and others
  • Readings and written homework assignments between meeting sessions; professional practice sessions with clients;
    concluding with a comprehensive final exam.
  • Stewardship – an ethic that embodies responsibility, planning and management of resources;
    the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.
  • The difference between a reaction vs response.
  • Integrity as a concept and a structural reality.
  • The ability to be oneself in any given moment.


Teaching Methods:
  • Daily experiential exercises.
  • Concept lectures including discussion and group processing.
  • Demonstrations.
  • Supervised practice.
  • Maria Montessori’s concept of the Absorbent Mind.


  • Anatomy, physiology, kinesiology.
  • Building new neuromuscular connections in the body and the brain, process mirrors each other.
  • Adaptability.
  • Comprehensive understanding of how to work with the body in relationship with gravity.
  • Weaving these concepts together while simultaneously including each person’s process.


Testimonials from SPRe trainees:

“After completing 400 hours of training over a two-year period I find myself, both professionally and personally, with a deeper and more profound respect for the intertwined systemic nature of the body and the mind.  The instructors, Jill Ableson and Martine Dedek brought their years of professional experience, education, along with their innate patients and humanity to a training experience that was transformative.  Together they created a learning environment that was safe and nurturing, allowing each of us to fully participate.”

We learned about the physiology and structure of the body, how it holds patterns and tensions, how these are created by life experiences. We learned how the body holds our history and provides an enhanced ability to function more fully in life.

I am proud to be a SPRe practioner, working with clients and helping bring this new way of looking at bodies into one practice modality.”

“After having completed the SPRe training, I am now able to look at bodies with a deeper understanding. It has helped me sense the next layer of potential and what is waiting to be uncovered within my client. The education gave legitimacy and a language to the abilities I have always had.  Gyrotonic and Cornish dance training had more of a ‘fix it’ mentality in how it approaches anatomy and kinesiology. SPRe training isn’t about what needs to be fixed; it is about working with the person not on them.”
Andrea B., Gyrotonic Instructor/Choreographer


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