SPRe Practitioner’s Process.

As a SPRe®, Somatic Psychological Recovery, practitioner, I believe our own process is paramount. Locking ourselves away in ivory towers only serves the mind. While intellectual studies are important to our work and can directly help people, it is only one part and, in my opinion, not the most important part. As practitioners, knowing our bodies, our emotions, and our minds and having an active relationship with them as well as an ability to draw from their wisdom gives us the ability to work with clients mammal to mammal. Ultimately, this is where real change occurs.

In general terms, we often “know” what to do intellectually, but this is rarely enough to enact deep, systemic change within ourselves. We can act on this “knowing” and change our behaviors, but if our bodies, our emotions and our intuition are not on board as well, then we are still in constant struggle with ourselves. The brain is enslaving the rest of us and dragging us along, never giving the other parts the chance to work in harmony with the brain’s ideals. Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

This inner battle sets the stage for future problems which our brain will inevitably try to solve, dragging the rest of us along with its solution. All the while we become more and more disengaged from the wisdom of our bodies, emotions and intuition. We become fractured and lose our innate multidimensionality. In SPRe® training we are constantly accepting information from all of these places and then weaving the knowledge together into an extremely strong and resilient fiber from which to practice.

In the SPRe® practitioner training, we learn about psychoanalytic thought and structural reality and experience it through our process, and we learn about the science that corroborates the work: a constant influx of manna that is not detached from the experiences and growth of our somatic, emotional and intuitive self. Because the SPRe® practitioner has been through their own process, they are able to meet the client human to human, experience to experience and not with the artificial separation of doctor and patient; this makes for a collaborative and relational process.

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