Jill Ableson, Founder, Practitioner Trainer & Practitioner

Jill’s somatic journey began in 1990 after an emergency c-section which led her to see Michael Reams (Seattle), Certified Rolfer®, to help recover from that experience. These sessions and Bill Moyers’ Healing and the Mind and the research of Candace Pert PhD, were the catalyst for pursuing her Certification at the Rolf® Institute. The concept of Structural Reality–Dr. Rolf’s organizing principle–is the foundation of the Rolf® training.

While completing her training, Jill was curious about a more dynamic process; how to actively engage the client in collaborating with the practitioner, instead of the practitioner imposing a treatment upon the client. Jill sought a more cooperative model that would enlist client participation in the work. Annie Duggan and Janie French, Duggan/French Approach (DFA), were instructors at the Rolf® Institute who pursued this avenue apart from the Institute. Jill studied DFA, became a Certified Practitioner and Instructor and worked with Annie and Janie for over 13 years in Seattle, WA and Barcelona, Spain.

In 2006, integrating structural principles, while focusing on a collaborative, dynamic approach to creating somatic structural integrity that focuses on client empowerment, Jill partnered with Martine Dedek to develop Somatic Personal Resonance Education SPRe®, bringing the theory and practice to its current evolution. In 2017, the Secretary of Health granted SPRe® approval to the Somatic Education Training Program in the State of Washington.

Jill has a private practice at Studio Evolve, Seattle, WA.
Contact Jill: 206.957.7773 or spre.jill(at)

Martine Dedek, Co-Founder, Practitioner Trainer & Practitioner

After completing her degree in Psychology and Sociology, Martine felt something was missing about her knowledge of the human mind and body. She pursued multiple movement therapies, including Pilates, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, and Yamuna Body Rolling. However, mind and body were not successfully linked until she discovered, DFA, a somatic approach that includes the physical and emotional body. After completing the DFA certification she continued her journey and partnered with Jill Ableson for the development of SPRe®. Together they have brought to work to its current evolution as a licensed Somatic Education Training Program.

Martine has a private practice at Studio Evolve, Seattle, WA.
Contact Martine: 206.547.5116 or martine(at)

Andrea Burchak, Practitioner-Trainer-In-Training & Practitioner

Andrea is interested in working collaboratively with clients to help them decompress their body and enliven their system! This means that each session is highly personalized to facilitate small changes over time so you can see and feel big results in the long-term.

Andrea has a private practice at Studio Evolve, Seattle, WA.

Contact Andrea: 206.724.2748 or andreaburchak(at)

Joy Walker, Practitioner

Joy was struck with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis at a young age, and began dealing with her illness through the clinical context of western medicine. Dissatisfied with only this perspective, however, she worked with a SPRe practitioner, and together it became evident that the RA was also a descriptor of aspects of her home of origin, manifested through her body. She approached the RA as a real disease, but pursued treatment through western medicine and self-discovery. Finding the true attachment between what happened to her, and how caring for the RA was actually a re-caring of herself, was empowering, and allowed her to gain more of herself as well as a greater ease in her body and out in the world. Healing didn’t just happen to her but was an engaged, relational process. Understanding the importance of pursuing the health and recovery of mind and body, and that we are all dynamic and multifaceted individuals, is what makes her uniquely qualified to help clients in their journey of health and self-discovery. She completed the SPRe training in 2018.

Joy has a private practice at Studio Evolve, Seattle, WA. To  make an appointment, please contact her at 206.412.0568, or, joy.spre(at)

 Nicole Pieratt, Apprentice Practitioner

Nicole’s passion for exploration both geographically and personally has taken her up mountains, through cancer, and built her a thriving Pilates practice. Although she is grateful for the intervention of Western medicine, her body told her she needed more understanding. This became more apparent with her Pilates clients as she noticed week to week how their bodies physically paralleled what was happening in their lives. Her own Somatic Personal Resonance Education process helped her understand how her body was communicating with her and she quickly began to see how that same understanding would benefit others.  Nicole graduated from the SPReⓇ program in 2018.

Nicole now sees clients at Studio Evolve, Seattle, WA. To make an appointment, please contact her at nicole.pieratt(at)

Lauren Kile, Practitioner

Lauren’s interest in human movement, functional and expressive, is organic to her system. She has a contagious curiosity about how and what animates people. After receiving certification as a yoga instructor and a degree in psychology from Antioch, she desired a somatic modality that would bridge her understanding of body and mind. Upon referral from a professor, she began her own process as a SPRe client. Finding her experience compelling, she trained to facilitate this work with others and completed her training in 2018.

Lauren is seeing clients at Studio Evolve, Seattle, WA. To make an appointment, please contact her at lauren.spre.movement(at) or 206-595-9186.

Victoria Vinson-Jacobs, Practitioner

Victoria believes that each of us can get to know our own body’s langugage in a way that makes life richer and more enjoyable. Her SPRe practice combines functional, structural anatomy with a deep curiosity about who each person is as an individual. She loves to work with clients who want to better understand themselves as they inhabit their bodies, and to help each person make more sense to themselves. She has been teaching movement arts and somatic practices since 2004 in New York and Seattle.

Victoria comes from the cognitive culture of formal education and although the mythology is that should prepare one for life, it was apparent to Victoria that without the wisdom of her body, she wasn’t going anywhere. Victoria explored Dance technique professionally and internationally, and she found that the movement world can be as isolating as the cognitive world. In her pursuit of integration of mind and body, she found Somatic Personal Resonance, SPRe. The practice of SPRe helped her interpret her body’s wisdom, which supports the satisfaction of intellectual achievement. Each day is a new experience of integration and in 2018 Victoria completed the two-year SPRe Practitioner Training Program. She brings emotional embodiment, humor, warmth and voracious curiosity to her SPRe practice. She also sees private Gyrotonic clients at Studio Evolve.

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