Please join us for a

Somatic Personal Resonance

Education Workshop.


Saturday April 28, 2018 11-5pm

This workshop is 6 CE hours for LMTs and others.

Cost is $190; $180 if paid in cash

Please register by April 21st as space is limited to 12 participants.

To register, contact Jill at

SPRe® is a cutting edge Somatic education and practical application of current mind/body research. SPRe® helps interpret each body’s unique communication style and empower clients to have more options for the vicissitudes of life. Every session is understood as an aspect of a whole personal and physical organization. The intention is to find comfort both emotionally and physically in the structure or blueprint you were given from birth. Learning to interpret, attend, and respond to your body’s information allows for greater success at work and in personal relationships.

You will be introduced to SPRe® practitioner skills:

  • Using somatic sonar, to facilitate movement in the femur and gleno-humeral joints.
  • Using verbal attunement to engage more meaningfully with your clients.
  • Seeing somatic structural tensegrity; tensegrity is a term coined by Buckminster Fuller, derived by collapsing the words “tension” and “integrity,” signifying that the integrity of these types of structures depends on the balance of tension within.

Jill and Andrea weave these SPRe® techniques together for an interactive and fun workshop. People often feel re-invigorated upon returning to their work and have more options when working with their clients.

Jill Ableson, SPRe® Founder, Practitioner Trainer & Practitioner has been in the somatic field since her Rolf training in 1995. In 2006, through integrating structural principles, while focusing on a collaborative dynamic approach to creating somatic structural integrity that focuses on client empowerment, Jill partnered with Martine Dedek to develop Somatic Personal Resonance Education SPRe®, bringing the theory and practice to its current evolution.

Andrea Burchak, SPRe® Instructor-In-Training & Practitioner has been in the somatic and movement field since 1995 and professionally as a GYROTONIC Instructor since 2006. She enjoys working collaboratively with clients to help them decompress their body and enliven their system.




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