What does the name SPRe® stand for?
SPRe® is the acronym for Somatic Personal Resonance Education. Somatic refers to how a body works as both a time capsule and a constantly reporting system. Personal refers to a cognitive process/mind. Resonance refers to the recovery of the authentic self, a true integration of Body and Mind.

What is somatization?
Our physical bodies react before our minds are able to recognize and respond to experiences and information. These physical reactions are somatization.  Our bodies are a source of accurate information that is always changing. We can have access to this dynamic information if we are willing to check-in with ourselves. Perhaps likened to how we often refer to our devices.

What does this work feel like?
SPRe® utilizes many different techniques that are appropriate to recover authentic movement. One of these techniques is like sonar waves moving through the body bumping up against areas of holding and tension. The movement slips below the nervous system’s predetermined set point of tension and holding and resets the set point to allow for structural shifts, greater ease in movement and the release of unwanted emotional stances.

How is this form of therapy different from others?
SPRe® is not exclusively focused on trauma resolution. A body grows very differently when our developmental stages are supported than when they are not. SPRe® invites a person to bring their stress related physical symptoms as a starting point for our work together.

By connecting the physical sensation with a feeling state, it is easier to recognize and change unwanted reactions or ways of being at home or work. By taking a certain “stance” (physical and emotional) one can often predict how an argument with a partner or child will go. When a deliberate change can be made in the moment, something new can happen, because you are not stuck in a reactive cognitive or physical pattern.

A SPRe® client builds the skills to recognize how feelings, belief systems and physical tension patterns all work together. It is empowering to have access to the whole operating system.

The integration of the body with one’s personal history allows for a process that is decidedly faster than addressing each of these separately.

Why am I still in pain if I know what my issues are and can talk about them?
Being able to name our ‘issues’ is important, however, naming alone does not always keep us from repeating thoughts, behaviors or tension patterns that are in the way of our success.

What are the benefits of body awareness?
Sensitivity to the information our body holds is a skill that can be developed and with continued practice, can be available to us at any given moment, in any situation. Access to this information is a valuable. For example, our digestive system doesn’t have the ability to decide whether or not it is ok that it is irritated – it just is. Being able to decipher the irritability allows us to take effective action if our lives.

The ability to respond to subtle information means that we don’t have to get the big blowout messages. Being in a job or relationship that does not fit could be recognized by subtle physical symptoms informing you of a need to take effective action such as communicating a need or building a skill. Ignoring the gentle tug or growing tension over a period of time means that the system has to create a grander, louder way of getting your attention. Anything from an illness that prevents one from going to work to behaviors that sabotage your relationship.

What are structural principles and is structural change lasting?
The structural principles of the human body are not that different from those of a house. The house must have a relationship with gravity and movement, must be balanced and supported. Like houses, there are many different shapes and sizes of bodies with as many different ways of organizing muscle tissues and bones. The goal of SPRe® is to find, for each unique body, its best relationship to gravity and movement and its optimal means of support and balance.

Just like in building a home, or any structure, principles must be used to create a sound structure. The same laws or principles exist in building or restructuring your body. SPRe® facilitates a more balanced and internally supported physical organization and the goal is to become comfortable with your own dynamic balance as your life and you continue to evolve.

Do you do workshops?
Yes, contact us for more information.

SPRe® Practitioner Training:
Please contact us for further information on the practitioner training program.


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