About SPRe®

  • Because SPRe® combines traditionally separated modalities, the result is an economical, efficient and effective use of the client’s resources.
  • SPRe® helps create a physical structure capable of supporting emotional changes.
  • Each 60 minute session includes seated dialogue that informs the attuned bodywork with the intention of moving the process forward. The bodywork takes place with the client fully clothed on the practitioners table.
  • Conversation and exploratory dialog uncover the links between physical tension, emotional patterns and belief systems.
  • The practitioner uses an elliptical motion through the system that functions in a similar fashion to sonar – the motion explores what is working too hard in your body and what could be more supportive. The attuned bodywork affects each joint and body segment, creating lasting shifts in structure; providing greater mobility; preventing degeneration; and allowing for sustained pain relief. 
  • The relationship between client and practitioner is critical when exploring the relational issues which exist with family and career.
  • The intention is to find comfort both emotionally and physically in the structure or blueprint you were given from birth.
  • Learning to interpret, attend, and respond to your body’s information allows for greater success at work and in personal relationships.




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